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Consumerama is the web’s comprehensive index of consumer protest sites — a fun, informative, and sometimes bizarre catalog of post-modern consumerism.

You can license our existing content for inclusion in your website, or we can develop customized content to meet your specifications. The choice is yours whether to identify Consumerama as a content partner or to incorporate the material seamlessly into your site as your own.

Regular features include editorial content and breaking consumer news, delivered with a wry spin that’s as entertaining as it is informative…

Check out Attention Shoppers!, our  of breaking consumer news, just-filed class action lawsuits, scam alerts, schemes of the incredibly greedy and other consumer flotsam and jetsam. Updated daily. 

In Consumer *Flame* of the Week, we quote the most blistering consumer complaint we can find by surfing through other websites. When we read one that gets our hackles up, we know we’ve found our *flame* of the week. (Of course, we keep the language clean.)

Common Sense *Lite* skewers over-blown hype and hysteria in commercial websites. Each week a *deserving* site is selected for its exaggerated or unsubstantiated claims, screaming headlines, obnoxious graphics, or other hokum, and is reviewed according to its *merits.*

And in cases of widespread or habitual consumer fraud or deceptive business practices, Consumerama confers The *Nake Mole-Rats of Marketing* Award. Institutional hubris, naked aggression, or criminal conspiracy a plus!

But wait, there’s more! Free consumer adviceconsumer forumboycottsdisgruntled employees’ websites, consumer guide….So you don’t forget, order by midnight tonight! Definitely NOT available in stores!