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Advertising World (Univ. of Texas)

American Newspeak

Auto Dealer Complaint Registry

Bally’s Total Fitness S****

Baobab’s Corpoarte Information Center

Barbara’s News Researcher’s Page

The Bradlands

Cagey Consumer

Cambridge, Ontario City Site

Car Information Network

Colorado Prime Protest Site

Consumer Action & Advice Ring

Consumer Aid Education Center TOP TEN

Consumer Info & Protection Webring

Consumer Revenge

Consumer’s Resource Center for Relocation

Consumer World

Ellen’s Potpourri of Links

Gallatin Medical Foundation


Golden House-Sparrow Site of the Day

Hewie’s Favorites – Ultimate Bookmarks

Honest Intellectual Inquiry

Hotbot – Consumer Directory

InfoJump Web Directory

IntelNet Reference Sites

Internet Wire

Job Bank USA

Life Beyond Yahoo

Looksmart – Consumer Directory

Lycos – Consumer Directory

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Mining Company

Money Club


Nerd World

Online Journal

Osceola County Library

Rich Zellich’s Bookmarks

Rick Ross


Searchalot COOL SITE

Tampa Bay Online

Third Age

U.S. General Services Admin.

Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Web Active


West Hills Online

Yahoo – Consumer Opinion

Yahoo – Consumer News & Recall Info


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